Highly Recommended Backpacks for DSLR Camera Owners Who Travel

I have been a camera enthusiast for many years. I get a ton of joy from taking photos of different things, people, events & especially travel.

I started with simple “point n shoot” digital cameras… and now I’m experimenting with D-SLRs. Cameras are sensitive gadgets, so if you’re doing some travel photography as a hobby, choosing the right bag for your gear is top priority.

Personally, I find shoulder bags to be annoying to carrying my photo essentials around all day during shoots.

So that’s tip No 1. Backpacks are generally better than slings for photographers.

There are many advantages in buying backpack styled camera bags. Compared to shoulder bags… space is one of the biggest advantages & backpacks are way more comfortable.

Heres my list of popular Camera bags for travellers…

1.ThinkTank Street Walker Hard Drive Backpack

Personally, I like travelling light and I always need my laptop around. This bag is perfect for me. In the compartment I can easily put my macbook pro and power supply with no bulk problems. In the main compartment I can store most of my essentials and there can still be room for more. My large lenses can be easily stored and the numerous external and internal pockets are quite convenient. It’s the most comfortable bag for me and it’s very lightweight. I can even run around using this bag.
*foam padded
*bottom front pocket for monopods and tripods
*laptop compartment
*weather cover
*upper compartment for filters, cards, and other essentials
*lockable zippers

2. Incase DSLR Pro Pack

It looks very sophisticated as it does not go for the sporty camera bag look. The elegant design is also perfect for bringing a camera in formal events.
*sleek design
*laptop compartment
*easy access
*light weight
*external straps

3. Tamrac Adventure 9 Model 5547

I have a Gray/Black design and I’ve been using it before I bought the Street Walker. The lower compartment is designed for cameras and other accessories. The insert cushions can be rearranged however you want. I store personal items in the upper compartment, and it’s also where I put my portable cams for quick access.
*foam padded
*weather flaps in case of unfavorable weather
*lash tabs for tripods
*laptop compartment
*patented memory and battery management system

4. Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW Backpack

I find this more comfortable than the Vertex 300, but somehow it feels like there is more room than I need. It’s comfortable even with a laptop and spaces are enough for chargers and cables. I like using this when going on very long trips.
*large main compartment
*laptop compartment
*weather cover
*waterproof zippers
*heavily padded

5. Lowepro Vertex 300

This bag is very huge and can fit everything I’ll ever need. It can easily fit up to two D-SLRs and at least four heavy lenses. There are also pockets inside to for other accessories and items. The only problem I have with this one is that it can be quite bulky especially when a laptop is placed on the computer compartment. Also, there’s no proper compartment for chargers, wires, etc.
*very large main compartment
*laptop compartment
*heavily padded
*weather mat
*filter and card holders

Major things worth considering when buying backpacks for cameras are their capacity, comfort, and their mobility, your travel backpack will be carrying a great deal of expensive equipment so don’t skimp… it will be money well spent!

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